Denmoza rhodacantha


  • Cereus erythrocephalus
  • Cereus rhodacanthus
  • Denmoza erythrocephalus
  • Echinocactus rhodacanthus
  • Echinopsis rhodacantha
  • Pirocereus erythrocephalus


-It is native to the mountains of Mendoza (Argentina).


-Denmoza rhodacantha is a slowly growing cactus, globus during the first years, it becomes columnar later (0.5 to 1.5 m. high). The stem is pale to dark green and presents brown-red spines. The flowers are tubular, red with white hairs.


-Denmoza rhodacantha is a slow growing cactus that doesn’t require special condition: it prefers full sun (but light shade is better during the summer season to avoid sunburns. It needs well drained soil: water the plant well during the hot season (but pay attention: if overwatered the plant is susceptible to fungal diseases) and let the soil dry in between waterings. It has to be fertilized monthly during the growing season. During winter, put it in a cool light place without waterings or fertiliser: wet soild during cold periods will hurt the plant.


-It propagates by seeds and from cuttings.


-Its specific name comes from Greek and means “red spine”.

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