Dasylirion serratifolium


  • Roulinia serratifolium
  • Yucca serratifolium

It is commonly called desert spoon or sandpaper sotol.


-It is native of Southeastern Mexico (Oaxaca and Hidalgo). It grows in arid regions and rocky terrain.


-D. serratifolium is a Yukka-like plant, it presents a very short and large trunk, felted with old leaves. It develops after many years of cultivation. The rosette of leaves is symmetrical with narrow, long up to 1 mt leaves, that present deep yellow spines (1 to 3 mm long). It blooms during the summer season, the inflorescence is a red to purple panicle (2-4 mt high), with white-cream little flowers.


-As other Dasylirion species, the D. serratifolium is a durable, slow growing plant and tolerates well drought and heat. It has to be treated like a succulent, it requires little or no water during winter (but if watered well it grows faster). It is important to not water the crown to prevent rot. Full sun exposure is the best for the specie, but it can grow with some shade, too. Even if it has some tolerance to humidity and moisture, it is better to plant it in a very fast draining soil. It grows better in areas where winter temperatures stay above 10 degrees, but it can tolerate short period of frosts.


-Propagation can be carried out by seeds or cuttings (when available).


-This plant’s leaves are traditionally used to make hats and baskets; as some other similar species, the D. serratifolium are used to produce a liquor called Sotol.

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