Dasylirion longissimum


  • D. longissimum var. longissimum
  • D. juncifolium
  • D. quadrangulatum

Common names of D. longissimum are: Mexican Grass Tree, Bear Grass, Grass Tree and Sotol, Junquillo in spanish.


-Northeastern Mexico, native of the Chihuahuan desert.


-Dasylirion longissimum is a succulent plant that present a large woody trunk that can grow up to 4.5 mt tall and long, green, unarmed leaves. The crown of grass like leaves spread symmetrically up to 1.8 mt long. The plant blooms in the summer, when a tall spike emerge from reddish buds.


-D. longissimum is a slow growing but hardy plant. It tolerates drought and heats very well. It has to be treated as a succulent, providing little or no water in the winter (however, as other dasylirion species, it grows faster if well watered). It needs full sun exposure and very fast draining soil that will allowed the plant to tolerate some shade and humidity. It grows better where the winter temperatures stay above 10 degrees, but can tolerate short periods of front.


-It can be propagated from seeds or, when available, from cuttings.


-It is widely used in xeriscaping, a type of landscaping developed to reduce or eliminate completely the need of water for irrigations.

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