Family: Crassulaceae
Habitat: Not present in nature, as it is a nursey hybrid.
Cultivation: Cremnosedum is a tough plant and resists also to short frosts (up to -2 °C) but it prefers warm climates. It has very limited needs in terms of soil and watering.
Curiosity: It is not an independent species, but a hybrid between the two genera Cremnophila and Sedum.


The genus X Cremnosedum, is a hybrid (as indicated by the letter X before its name) obtained from Cremnophila and Sedum, two robust crassulaceae. It is also called “Little Gem” and it is easy to find it in commerce with this name. The ‘Little Gem’ cultivar was made by Mrs. and Mr. Robert Grim of San Jose, California and is described as producing a low mat of small rosettes. This bigeneric name was first published in 1981 in an article advertising plants offered by the International Succulent Institute in the Cactus and Succulent Journal, the journal of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America.

It is a dwarf plant, never more than 10 cm in height, which grows developing long rosettes very compact, olive green or green-pink, up to reddish shades (especially in specimens that have received plenty of direct sunlight).

The rosettes are formed by succulent, triangular-shaped leaves and can grow rather abundantly. From the center of each rosette in early spring sprout rich inflorescences, from which multiple bright yellow flowers open, creating a particularly lively, beautiful effect.
As for sedum, the single plant tends to expand horizontally, covering the available surface.

Flowers are not so big and flashy and so Cremnosedum is mainly sought after for its green, smooth rosettes. Blooming occurs at the top of elongated, green stems (equipped with little leaves called bracts, in umbrella-like inflorescences which gather yellow, 5-petaled flowers.


There is only one species of Cremnosedum, as it is a hybrid obtained exclusively in greenhouses. It is also called “Little Gem” and it is easy to find it in commerce with this name.


Like all crassulaceae, Cremnosedum are easy to grow and particularly resistant, so much so that they can grow even with very little water or soil at their disposal. Here are our cultivation tips:

  • Prefer bright or mid-shade locations. Direct sun helps to develop pink or red shades on the leaves, which otherwise remain olive green.
  • They resist even short frosts, up to -2°C. However, it is recommended, if possible, to keep them above 5°C even in winter.
  • It fits into any type of soil, as long as it is very draining. In pot you can use a standard succulent mix.
  • Fertilize only in early summer with a specific product for succulents.
  • Given the small size of the plant, repotting is rarely necessary. By choosing rather large pots you will give to the plant the sufficient space to expand horizontally.

As a hybrid, it is not normally possible to obtain seeds from plants in our garden or balcony. However, you can easily multiply X Cremnosedum through leaf or branch cuttings.

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