Crassula perforata f. variegata


No synonyms are recorded for this species name.


Crassula perforata f. variegata is a nursery hybrid and doesn’t exist in nature. Anyway, Crassulas are generally from South Africa and Namibia.


Crassula perforata f. variegata is a tiny, flashy succulent, particularly fashinating for the peculiar arrangement of its sessile leaves. In fact, leaves are organized in 4 lines among the stem, so that the latter looks like a green, 4-ranked column. For the fast growth of this plant, your pot will become very crowded of these upright, tiny stems! Another intriguing feature of this tiny succulent is the variegated colouring of its foliage, bright green with pinkish-red tinges. Blossoming doesn’t occur very often: this plant is actually cultivated in gravel gardens mostly for the appealing foliage.


Crassula perforata f. variegata is a fast-growing plant, not so difficult to grow. Pay attention to watering: interventions should be moderate and frequent to maintain a moist (never overwet) soil in Spring and Summer and reduced and scarce in Winter, only when the substrate completely dries up, to prevent it from root and stem rot. This plant requires a bright or either partially shaded spot. It’s better to keep it indoors to avoid frost damages: temperatures below 5ºC could damage the plant. If you prefer to put it outside, remember that this is the perfect plant to be grown in a gravel, rocky, sunny garden.


Crassula perforata f. variegata is propagated generally through stem and leaf cuttings, or either by replanting its offsets.


The name “Crassula” comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means fat.

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