Crassula marchandii


Crassula x marchandii


Crassula marchandii is native to South Africa.


Crassula marchandii is a peculiar natural hybrid between C. grisea and C. plegmatoides. It looks actually more like Crassula plegmatoides, but it is supposed to be a hbrid between the two species because individuals are only found among population of C. grisea and C. plegmatoides. It’s a tiny succulents with short stems and extremely packed and overlapping leaves which look like scales. If the plant is directly exposed to sunlight, stems take on an intense, beautiful red. Normally, they are green or olive green or dark green and they reach a maximum height of 15 centimeters and a width of 2,5 centimeters. Leaves are very small, 2 centimeters long. Flowers are also very, very small, greyish green and not so flashy.


Crassula marchandii is a slow-growing plant, not so difficult to grow. Pay attention to watering: interventions should be moderate and frequent to maintain a moist (never overwet) in Spring and Summer and reduced and scarce in Winter, only when the substrate completely dries up, to avoid root and stem rot. This plant requires a bright spot to take on its fashinating intense red colour but avoid a full exposure in Summer It’s better to keep it indoors to avoid frost damages: temperatures below 5ºC should be avoided. This species needs a very good ventilation to avoid too humid conditions. Its substrate should be a porous potting mix, very well-draining. Choose a shallow pot to provide the best condition to its fibrous roots. Repotting is not so often necessary because of the slow growing attitude of this plant.


Propagation of C. marchandii can be easily realized through the removal of its many offsets. If planted in a sandy, humid substrate, these offsets should be able to root in a month. Also seeds are another good way of propagation.


The name “Crassula” comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means fat.

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