Crassula ‘Ivory Pagoda’


No synonyms are recorded for this species name.


Crassula ‘Ivory Pagoda’ is a nursery-produced hybrid and doesn’t exist in nature.


Crassula ‘Ivory Pagoda’ is a very slow growing hybrid between C. falcata and C. barklyi made in 1962 by Myron Kimnach in USA. It’s a dwarf succulent whose stems forms many peculiar “Ivory columns” because of the densely stacked leaves which hide the stems completely. Leaves are fleshy, grey-green with a whitish hair on the lowest page, curved upwards and somehow triangular-shaped. This hybrid has been created especially for the pretty aspect of its foliage and blossomings are not so frequent.


Crassula “Ivory Pagoda” is not so difficult to grow. Pay attention to watering: interventions should be moderate and frequent in Spring and Summer and reduced and scarce in Winter, to avoid root rotting. This plant requires a bright spot, plenty of light or either half light. It’s better to keep it indoors to avoid frost damages: temperatures below 5ºC should be avoided.


This plant produces many offsets in the shape of new ivory columns, useful for propagation: it’s sufficient to take off an offset and plant it in a humid, sandy substrate.


The name “Crassula” comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means fat.

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