Crassula “Garnet Lotus”


No synonyms are recorded for this species name.


Crassula “Garnet Lotus” is a nursery-produced hybrid and doesn’t exist in nature.


Crassula “Garnet Lotus” is a little, usually 1-stemmed succulent. Unlike other Crassula nursery hybrids, it has only 1 stem and so only one rosette of bigger leaves, a few centimeters long (while leaves of many other Crassula nursery hybrids are a few millimeters long). These leaves have a light, greyish-bluish-green colour, often with tinges of yellow and purple. It’s precisely because of these tinges and for the flashy aspect o its unique rosette that it was given this name, “Garnet Lotus”.


Crassula “Garnet Lotus”, as other Crassulas, is not so difficult to cultivate. It requires a well-draining, sandy substrate and a sunny spot. Water it moderately during Spring and Summer and reduce the number of interventions in Winter, keeping the soil dry. Temperatures should not descend below 5ºC.


Propagation is made through stems and leaves cuttings.


The name “Crassula” comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means fat.

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