Crassula estagnol


Crassula spiralis


Crassula estagnol is a nursery-produced cultivar, so it doesn’t exist in nature.


Crassula estagnol is a nursery-produced hybrid, probably related to Crassula pyramidalis. It is a slow-growing, little plant, with the peculiarity of a spiralized leaves growth, so that its stems look like stunning spirals of leaves. Leaves are green, pointed, lightly curved upwars. Inflorescences grow at the top of these spiral stems, are always thyrses, but devoided of peduncles and sub-spherical, with many tiny white or pinkish red 5-petaled flowers. Blossoming period occurs in Winter.


Crassula estagnol is not so difficult to cultivate. It requires a well-draining substrate and a bright spot to have a full exposure to sunlight. Watering should be moderate in Spring and Summer and scarce in Winter to avoid roots rottings. While watering, pay attention not to wet the leaves. It’s better to put C. Estagnol indoors to avoid frost damages.


Propagation is made through stems and leaves cuttings.


The name “Crassula” comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means fat.

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