Crassula “David”


Crassula cathcartensis
Crassula ernestii
Crassula pachystemon


Crassula “David” is native to  South Africa.


Crassula “David” is actually Crassula lanuginosa var. pachystemon. The common name “Crassula David” has been given by Rudolf Schulz, a botanist who gave this name to this species in honor of David Cumming, who collected this plant for the firt time in South Africa in the 80s.
Crassula “David” is a small succulent with falling, prostrate stems and little leaves. Leaves have an orbicular, almost rounded shape, and are flattened, with little, white bristles on their edges. Also, the leaves are often tinged in red or sometimes in yellow, but their prevalent colour is bright green. Stems don’t exceed the length of 10 centimeters and are reddish. Inflorescences are the typical ones of Crassulas: thyrses supported by a peduncle of small, white little flowers, ad Blossoming season occurs in Winter.


Crassula “David” is not so difficult to cultivate. It requires a well-draining substrate and a bright spot to have a full exposure to sunlight. Watering should be moderate in Spring and Summer and scarce in Winter to avoid roots rottings. While watering, pay attention not to wet the leaves. It’s better to put C. “David” indoors to avoid frost damages.


Propagation is usually realized through stem cuttings and leaves cuttings, or either by seeds.


The name “Crassula” comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means fat.

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