Crassula brevifolia


Bulliarda brevifolia
Crassula brevifolia subsp. brevifolia
Crassula flavovirens
Crassula montis-draconis
Crassula pearsonii


Crassula brevifolia is native to Namibia and South Africa.


Crassula brevifolia is a tiny shrub, about 30- 50 centimeters tall. Its stems are woody and rather branched in green branches. Leaves are fleshy, flattened, elliptic, green with yellow, red and sometimes purple tinges. Blossoming occurs in Autumn, when the plant produce inflorescences which are rounded thyrses of Lemon-yellow or white flowers, scented in a not always pleasant smell. Seeds are very small and they are dispersed by the wind, as it is for the other Crassulas.


Crassula brevifolia is a perfect succulent for beginners, because it’s easy to cultivate. It requires a well-draining, sandy substrate, a half-sun spot in Summer and a full exposure to sunlight in the other seasons. Water it moderately during Spring and Summer and reduce the number of interventions in Winter, keeping the soil dry. Avoid frosts. It likes a good ventilation.


Propagation can be realized through stem or leaf cuttings or by seeds.


The name “Crassula” comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means fat.

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