Crassula ausensis


Crassula ausensis subsp. ausensis
Crassula karasana
Crassula littlewoodii


Crassula ausensis is native to South Africa.


Crassula ausensis is a tiny succulent with long green, pointed in red at their top leaves and grouped in dense rosettes. It’s a perennial herb that doesn’t exceed few centimeters in height. The inflorescence is a thyrse born by an elongated peduncle that overlooks upon the entire plant. Flowers are white, scented, star shaped, with pink tinges. This species has several varieties, rather appreciated as ornamental plants for the different spots in their leaves, especially Crassula ausensis subsp. titanopsis, with its green leaves tinged in red and covered in white little bumps that makes it rather lumpy.


Crassula ausensis, as other Crassulas, is not so difficult to cultivate. It requires a well-draining, sandy substrate and a sunny spot. Water it moderately during Spring and Summer and reduce the number of interventions in Winter, keeping the soil dry. Temperatures should not descend below 5ºC.


Propagation is usually realized through leaf and stem cuttings to be rooted in a sandy, humid substrate.


The name “Crassula” comes from the Latin “crassus”, which means fat.

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