Cerochlamys pachyphylla


Mesembryanthemum pachyphyllum


Cerochlamys pachyphylla is native to South Africa, specifically from Western Cape Province, Lesotho, Swaziland. It grows on sandstone rocks in dry habitats.


Cerochlamys pachyphylla is a tufty plant: its stems are really reduced at they beginning and they form clumps later. Its leaves are succulent but rigid, brownish-green, hull-shaped, arranged in pairs, 5-7 centimeters long and 0,8 centimeters wide. Cerochlamys pachyphylla’s blooming period occurs in January and February. Its pretty flowers are 1 to 3, pink, 2.5 centimeters in diameter.


Cerochlamys pachyphylla is not too difficult tu cultivate. It needs a bright spot but it’s tolerant to dim light. They adapt to poor soils better if sandy, but also if rocky. The minimum tolerable temperature for this plant is around 6-8ÂșC. This plant doesn’t grow in height, but it needs space to develop horizontally, cause it’s a creepy plant. Water Cerochlamys pachyphylla every 3-4 days, waiting until the soil dries completely before each watering. Fertilizers have to be applied once a month using a specific product for succulents: use half the quantity recommended in the product label.


Propagation can be made by branch cuttings. When planted, the soil must be maintained humid until they have rooted.


The name “Cerochlamis” derives from Greek and literally means “growth” and “shield”, referring to the waxy wrap that covers the plant, protecting it as a shield from the sun and bad weather.

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