Cereus azureus


Piptanthocereus azureus


Cereus azureus is a cactus native of Brasil, Central America and some areas of the South America.


Cereus azureus is an erected, columnar cactus. The stem is green or greyish, and in the adult plant the cephalium gets bristly.


Cereus azureus needs to be fertilized at least once a year; it requires well drained sol mix and regular waterings during the growth period, that have to decrease during the winter. If the soil is dry enough, the plant can survive temperatures close to zero. It normally requires full sun exposition.


Propagation can be done by cutting.


The name “Cereus” derives from Latin and literally means “candle” in reference to its stem, which in nature tends to grow up to ten meters in height, developing in all its splendor with the typical columnar and erect posture that characterizes the entire genus.
During the summer it produces nocturnal flowers of different colours.

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