Family: Aizoaceae
Habitat: Southern Africa
Cultivation: Really easy to cultivate and propagate, they require little care.
Curiosity: The various species of Carruanthus grow spontaneously in a large area of Sothern Africa and in the islands, suc as Canary islands.


The genus “Carruanthus” includes a few species which grow spontaneously in Southern Africa and can reach differents ranges of height depending on the species, but never more than 20 centimeters.
Carruanthus have short, greyish-green stems, from which long, succulent, triangular-shaped leaves grow. The leaves’ edges can be serrated.
Their flowers are yellow, with narrow, numerous petals, grow from the center of the plant in Spring and Summer. They can reming our buttercups.
These succulents are extremely tough and really easy to cultivate.


Here below are some species of Carruanthus. Try to check our online shop in the section “Carruanthus” to find them!

  • C. albidus
  • C. caninus
  • C. cookii
  • C. paucidentatus
  • C. peersii
  • C. ringens


Here below are some tips to cultivate your Carruanthus:

Sun Exposure:
Leave these plants in a sunny spot, even if they actually resist to different light conditions, also to partial shade.
They love hot temperatures but can survive to short frost, until -3/-4ºC, if left in a completely dry soil.
Water every 3-4 days with plenty of water, waiting until the soil dries up completely before each intervention.
Choose a medium, well-draining substrate, nor acid, neither basic.
Carruanthus are small plants, but they spread fast, choose pots that allow them to expand horizontally.
As well as by seeds, they can be easily propagated through leaf cutting. New plants sprout really easily.

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