Family: Cactaceae
Habitat: Sonora desert in Arizona and small areas of Mexico.
Cultivation: Carnegiea is not particularly difficult to cultivate but it grows very slowly. It needs plenty of light and a fertile soil. Pay attention to watering, which should be scarce to avoid rotting.
Carnegiea is a monospecific genus, including only Carnegiea Gigantea, the so-called Saguaro. Its flower is the symbol of Arizona.


The genus “Carnegiea” includes just one species, growing in a small area between Arizona and Mexico, “Carnegiea Gigantea”. Carnegiea Gigantea, so-called “Saguaro”, is a huge, columnar cacti, which can become until 15 meters tall! The maximum diameter of its stems can reach 3 meters. Its stems have many ribs, not so deep but thickly covered with thorns. They branch off at the top.
Carnegiea Gigantea’s blossoming period occurs from April to June. It has white, nocturnal flowers, with a scaled calix and several petals, so big that they are pollinated by bats and birds, as well as insects. They are the symbol of Arizona.
This cacti can live until 300 years! Before its first blossoming, 40 years are necessary, and 75 for its first branching.


C. Gigantea is the only species of the genus “Carnegiea”. Try to check our online shop in the section “Carnegiea” to find it!


Even if Carnegiea Gigantea grows really slowly, it’s not so difficult to cultivate it. Remember that young plants appear slightly different from adults: they haven’t got branches and their spines are less thick.

Sun Exposure:
This cacti is used to live in a desert and to soar over other plant. It needs plenty of light to grow up well.
Never below 5ºC. Cannot bear temperature below 0ºC.
Water just in Spring and Autumn: in the other seasons, the “Saguaro” enters in a state of total dormition.
Choose a well draining, averagely fertile soil, such as a cactus mix or either a mix of peat and inerts evenly distributed.
Carnegiea Gigantea grows very slowly, so it will be sufficient to repot it every 2-3 years, paying attention not to hurt yourself with the spines.
The Saguaro is propagated generally by seeds. New plants born in 1-2 weeks.

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