Brunsvigia grandiflora


Brunsvigia grandiflora
Amaryllis grandiflora


Brunsvigia grandiflora is native to South Africa. It is endemic in humid grasslands in an altitude up to 2200 m.


Brunsvigia grandiflora is a perennial, bulbous plant up to to 80 cm tall. Bulb is mostly above the ground, ovoid-shaped, membranous with brown tunics. Leaves are wavy and thick and erected, 10-15 each bulb, up to 90 cm long, pale green and closely ribbed; as the flowers do, they appear only in late summer to early fall. Inflorescence presents a stout peduncle, and funnel-shaped flowers which are 20-30 (up to 60) for umbel, white to dark to dark pink.


Brunsvigia grandiflora is slow grower, that does well in containers with compost rich substratums. It needs a good amount of light and to be kept moist; it is theoretically hardy to -10°C, but it you have to keep it dry in winter.


Propagation can be done both by seed or vegetatively.


Due to its appearance, Brunsvigia grandiflora is also known as “Giant Candelabra”.

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