Baseonema gregorii


No synonyms are recorded for this species name.


Baseonema gregorii is widespread in East Africa, Ongalea mountains and Kenya.


Baseonema gregorii is a weird plant composed of a wooden  lumpy trunk, with a thick bulbous-shaped wooden base. Its leaves are oppositely arranged in the branches. They are entire (“entire” is a botanical term to describe a normal leaf, without any particularly strange shape). It has small, green flowers with 6 petals which turn in peculiar fruits which grow at the top of little branches, arranged in a forked way in which two, elongated green fruits grow in a opposite directions.


This plant should be placed indoors, close to windows, or in a greenhouse, because it requires daily temperatures between 22 and 28ºC . During the night, temperatures can be between 20 and 22-23 degrees.  Water it only when the soil dries completely up. It is sufficient to taste the soil moisture with a finger to understand if it’s time to watering.


The propagation of this plant is usually done by seeds.


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