Avonia Recurvata


Anacampseros recurvata


Avonia recurvata is en endemic species native from South Africa, specifically from a small distribution area near Kakamasin the Northern Cape. Nevertheless, it’s the most widespread species of its genus. It grows in full sun in arid rocky slopes, where they camouflage within the rocks and they can easily be confused with them.


Avonia recurvata is a perennial, dwarf succulent, adapted to survive the arid climates of the Northern Cape. To escape the intense light, this plant develop white, hairy stipules which cover the leaves. Leaves are green, globose, so tiny that they are completely hidden by the stipules. They are 1 mm long and 2 mm wide and they are spirally arranged on many 80 – 100 mm long stems which develop together like tiny tentacles. The roots of Avonia recurvata are thick, tuberous, to store water against the severe droughts of its natural environment.


Avonia recurvata needs a bright spot and well draining soils: in its natural environment it grows between the rocks! It doesn’t tolerate excess of water. Repotting is not necessary: Avonias are dwarf succulent and don’t overcome the height of 10-15 centimeters. They are used to poor soils, so be careful while putting nitrogen: use it in small doses, more or less half of the quantity recommended for the other plants.


Propagation is made by seeds.


The name of the genus Avonia comes from the Latin word “avus”, which means “grandfather”, referring to its white scales.

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