Astrophytum ornatum cv Spiral


Astrophytum ornatum cv. Spiral


Astrophytum ornatum cv. Spiral is a nursery produced cultivar.


Astrophytum ornatus Spiral is a small-sized cactus. It forms a cylindrical stem, up to 10 cm high and 3 cm wide; epidermis is greysh-green, covered by a pattern of white cross-bands of woolly scales. Ribs are spiralling, usually 8, and quite prominent. Areoles on them are quite closed apart, and present usually 4 flexible radial spines each.


Astrophytum ornatum is a slow, summer-growin cactus. It needs a well-draining, sandy-gritty substratum. It needs a big amount of sunlight and grows at its best in full sun, but can tolerate light shade. Water it weekly during summer and keep it perfectly dry during winter, to avoid frost damages (it is theoretically hardy to -10°C, but to grow a healthy plant, it should not be exposed to temperatures below 5°C); it does not tolerate high atmospheric humidity, and a good ventilation is great to prevent it.


Propagation can be done by grafting, or by cuttings. In this case, cut them in spring, letting them get dry before putting them in fresh, slightly moist substratum.


Astrophytum ornatum Spiral owes its name to the peculiar shape of its ribs.

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