Astrophytum cv. Haku Jo


Astrophytum cv. Haku Jo


This Astrophytum is a japanese nursery produced cultivar.


Astrophytum cv. Haku Jo is a small-sized cactus, which presents a globose stem with a star-shaped section. It is characterised by its ribs: they present wooly areoles which seems connected by felt-lloking, yellowish-white lines.


This Astrophytum is a relatively easy-to-grow species. It needs a mineral, well-drained soil, with little humus. Nitrogen-based fertilizer feeding during spring and summer is helpful for a faster growth, whereas potassium will make the plant healthier and compact. Water sparingly from March till October, letting the soil getting dry before watering again. To avoid root rot, keep it dry from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter. It is theorically hardy to -5°C, but during cold months keep it in a cool place. It does well from full sun to light shade: with a good amount of light, plant will grow beautiful and healhty. Every two years it needs to be repotted.


Often this cactus is grafted on columnar cacti, but propagation is usually done by seeds.


Growing in light shade, the plant’s colours will get darker and richer.

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