Astrophytum coahuliense


Astrophytum myriostigma subs. coahuilense
Astrophytum myriostigma var. coahuilense
Astrophytum myriostigma var. coahuilense-pubesente
Echinocactus myriostigma subs. coahuilensis
Astrophytum coahuilense f. cristatum
Astrophytum coahuilense f. tricostatum
Astrophytum coahuilense cv. Sankaku Hakuranpo-gyoku


Astrophytum coahuilense is endemic in the south-westernpart of the states of Coahuila and Durante (Mexico). It usually grows in sun-exposed areas, as sunny south and east slopes on lime formations, or in xerophytic shrublands with other cactus species.


Astrophytum coahuilense is a five-ribbed cactus looking very similar to A. myriostigma, but it present some peculiarities: its shape goes from cylindrical to globose while growing; it can get up to 100 cm tall and 20 cm wide; its yellow flowers have a red throat (but sometimes they can be completely red or pure yellow); its epidermis is soft due to greyish hairy flecks that cover it enterily.


This cactus is an easy-to-grow one, but it needs a lot of time to grow. To avoid root rot, use a mineral, well-drained soil. Water sparingly from March till October, letting the soil getting dry before watering again; you can add a little low nitrogen fertilizer. To avoid root rot, keep it dry from the beginning of autumn to the end of winter. It is theorically hardy to -4°C, but during cold months keep it in a cool place. It needs a good amount of sunlight, so it does well from full sun to light shade.


Propagation can be done easily by seeds: be careful not to let the soil get too dry, and repot them regularly and frequently.


When A.coahulense grows fruits, these are red till olive-green coloured and basal opening, containing up to 200 seeds.

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