Astrophytum coahuilense f. caespitosa


Astrophytum coahuilense cv. Little Flowers


This Astrophytum is a nursery produced cultivar.


This cultivar forms columnar stems which tend to branch from the side areoles, forming small clumps; it presents five ribs, covered by dense grey flecks. The small flowers are pale yellow, but lack the typical red centre.


This Astrophytum is a relatively easy-to-grow species. To avoid root rot, use a loose mineral, well-drained soil. Water weekly during summer, and you can use a little fertilizer. It is theorically hardy to -10°C. It does well from full sun to light shade: it needs a good amount of light.


Propagation can easily be done by cuttings.


Astrophytum “Little flowers” owes its name to the appearence of its blossoms.

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