Astrophytum coahuilense f. caespitosa


Astrophytum coahuilense cv. Little Flowers


This Astrophytum is a nursery produced cultivar.


This cultivar forms columnar stems which tend to branch from the side areoles, forming small clumps; it presents five ribs, covered by dense grey flecks. The small flowers are pale yellow, but lack the typical red centre.


This Astrophytum is a relatively easy-to-grow species. To avoid root rot, use a loose mineral, well-drained soil. Water weekly during summer, and you can use a little fertilizer. It is theorically hardy to -10°C. It does well from full sun to light shade: it needs a good amount of light.


Propagation can easily be done by cuttings.


The name of the genus Astrophytum derives from the Greek words “astèr” which means “star” and “phytòn” which means “plant”, as these particular cacti have many ribs, which, seen from above, look just like stars.
Astrophytum “Little flowers” owes its name to the appearence of its blossoms.

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