Astrophytum asterias f. variegated


No synonyms are recorded for this species name.


This is a nursery produced cultivar.


Astrophytum asterias f. variegated presents sectors, patches or stripes with two or more different colours (that may be distinct shades of green). Stems is normally green, and tissues lacking chlorophyll are usually white, pale yellow coloured or reddish, contrasting beautifully with the normal green tissue. The stem presents narrow and distinct vertical grooves, which divide it into (usually) 8 broad ribs: these form triangular sections on the stem. The round areoles form a line up to the centre of each rib, and usually they are covered in white – dirty-yellow hairs. Cultivated plants may bloom anytime during warm season: the flowers are apical, diurnal, yellow with orange-reddish throats.


Variegated Astrophytum are relatively easy to grow. They need half shade or under-filtered sun: they cannot tolerate protracted exposure to direct sun light, especially during summer. Put them in mineral, well-draining soil with little organic matter. During spring and summer use a low nitrogen content fertilizer to make it grow faster; potassium is helpful for the plant health. Water sparingly from March till October. These plants are not frost tollerant, so keep them perfectly dry in winter.


Propagation can easily be done by seeds.


The variegation on these Astropytum is due to a lack of clorophyll, that makes other pigments visible.

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