Assortments Wholesale Cactus and Succulents

To access to our Assortments Wholesale the buyers need to login in the wholesale area clicking on the Registration Form button. You will recive by email your personal password for your access.



  1. Shipping costs will be calculated in the second step, after the total order and will depending by the delivery country, weight and size of the goods, handling cost, documents and courier used (example:DHL Cargo, DHL Express, EMS).
  2. Given the nature of the goods in question, the quantities available may change according to natural and climatic factors independent of our work.
  3. The economic conditions applied in this wholesale are not contacted in our detail.

General Information

We are able to sending parcels in worldwide respecting international Cites rules and italian export laws. In many countries is required the import licence and for this reason we remind those who want to buy to inquire at the customs of their country of the rules of import. We will not be responsible if the buyers will not receive the shipment because they do not have permission to import or have not respected laws of their country.

For countries outside the European Union we make phytosanitary certificate and all necessary documents. We have partners in chinese territory with whom we work togheter to sell fast and safely to China.

Once the order is made you will be contacted by our staff to confirm availability, shipping mode, delivery time and calculation of Handling and transport costs. The content of this Website has been compiled with the greatest possible care. Bu we cannot guarantee that all information on the website will be complete at all times. All prices and other information on the Website are therefore subject to obvious programming or typing errors.


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