Ariocarpus retusus


Anhalonium prismaticum (Mammillaria prismatica)
Ariocarpus elongatus (Anhalonium elongatum)
Ariocarpus pulvilligeris
Anhalonium areolosum


This species is endemic in the Chihuahuan desert at altitudes of 1300-2000 metres, growing on calcareous hillsides.


This species is a solitary geophyte cactus wich grows a flat tuberous body below the soil. It has divergent convex tubercles, nearly as wide as long; they present areoles at their tips. During october it will bloom with pinl-magenta diurnal flowers.


This species needs a well-drained soil: you can put it in deep container with loose mineral substrate. It need a good amount of light to grow. Water it weekly during summertime, letting the soil get dry before watering again; you can also add a little fertilizer. This plant is theorically frost hardy to -10°C.


Propagation can easily be done by seeds, but this species needs 6-10 years to bloom.


Ariocarpus retusus is one of the easiest and fastest to grow; anyway, it might need 6-10 years to grow from seeds to flowering size.

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