Ariocarpus furfuraceus


Anhalonium furfuraceum
Ariocarpus retusus var. furfuraceus
Mammillaria furfuracea


This succulent is endemic in Mexico.


Ariocarpus furfuratus is a solitary, slow-growing geophyte cactus. The large, tuberous body grows below the soil level; the characteristic tubercles are equilaterally triangular-shaped, convex, with areoles on their tips. In autumn it will bloom white or pink diurnal flowers.


This species is tolerably slow-growing. It needs a well-drained, non-organic soil compost, with big amount of water during the growing season – but always letting the soil get dry before watering again, to avoid root rot. Use a weak low-nitrogen fertilizer to make it grow faster. It does well from light shade to full sun. During winter it needs to be kept dry.


Propagation can be done by seeds – but this species requires 6-10 years to bloom.


The Ariocarpus seedlings look different from adult exemplars, and present feather-like spines.

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