Ariocarpus fissuratus Hintonii


Ariocarpus bravoanus subs. hintonii


Ariocarpus fissuratus hintonii is native to Mexico. It grows in the so-called “matorral desértico micrófilo”, nearby calcarous, stony terrains in xerophytic shrubs.


Ariocarpus bravoanus hintonii is a solitary geophyte cactus: it grows a contorted rosette of verrucose tubercles: these are triangular-shaped, dark olive green, scratchy. The slow-growing stem can get up to 6 cm in diameter. Pinkish-magenta flowers may bloom from August to October.


This succulent is a slow-growing one. To let the soil get dry between each watering (that during summer has to be done weekly, while it has to be stopped in winter), use a loose mineral cactus mix with extra pumice or perlite. This plant needs repotting in deep containers every year, until it gets 10 cm in diameter – then, you should repot it every three years. It does well in partial sun. It is theorycally frost hardy to -10°C.


Propagation can be done by seeds: remember to avoid strong light and dry conditions.


In their natural habitat, beacuse of its appearance resembling limestone chips, this succulent is very well camouflaged with the soil surface.

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