Anacampseros rufescens variegato


Anacampseros arachnoides var. grandiflora


This succulent is native to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Yemen, Zimbabwe.


Anacampseros rufescens variegata is succulent forming low clumps or mats up to a height of few cm. The fleshy leaves are purplish underneath, and so are peduncles and flowers. Each rosette is formed by up to 70 obovate, acuminated leaves, crowded and spirally arrange. Leaves comes in different sizes (up to 2 cm tall); leaves tip can be dark olive green mostly on the upper surface, and the rest of the leaves is purplish-dark purple.


This succulent need full sun and warm temperatures: keep it at minimum 5°C during winter. During summer, water it regularly once a week, letting the soil get dry before watering again.


Propagation can be done by stem cuttings or by seeds.


This succulent blooms in late spring, forming pink or purple-red flowers that open for a short time during afternoon and close every night.

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