Anacampseros rufescens f. variegated


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Anacampseros rufescens f. variegated is native to Cape Town. Anacampseros in general, instead, are from a wide area including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Yemen and Zimbawe.


Anacampseros rufescens f. variegated is the variegated form of A. rufescens. It is a succulent, little plant that grows at ground level (it never exceeds 10 centimeters in height), forming maps of rosettes of tiny leaves. The variegated form is particularly appreciated by succulent lovers for its tiny, elliptical, beautifully coloured leaves, 6-7 millimeters long and 5 millimeters wide, bright green-yellowish and tinged in pink. With its dense clumps of rosettes, Anacampseros rufescens f. variegated is the perfect succulent for a decorative pot indoors. Attractive, white filament-like hairs grow along the stems, adding a contrast to the darker foliage. As the plant ages, if exposed to direct sunlight, the purple and yellow tinges of its leaves usually enhance. Flowers are also very pretty and similar to the one of the regular A. rufescens, the so-called “Sand rose”, for its pink flowers with a bright central bunch of yellow stamens. The flowers have 5 pink, heart-shaped petals, and are big if compared to the size of the plant (2-3 centimeters in diameter). They are solitary and borne by a 10 centimeters tall petiole. The blooming period occurs in late Spring and the flowers open in the afternoon and close at night. Seeds are dispersed by the wind and thus they are equipped with papery teguments.


Anacampseros rufescens f. variegated is not tough to cultivate and it’s the perfect houseplant for its decorative foliage. It needs plenty of direct sunlight to enhance the colourful tinges of its leaves. We advice to keep it indoors at least in Winter if you live in climate areas with temperature drops below 5ºC, however, if its substrate is kept completely dry, it could actually bear short frosts (-2ºC). Put it in a well-drained, gritty substrate and add some fertilizer during the growing season. Repotting is rarely necessary: repot your Anacampseros rufescens f. variegated only when you notice that it’s growing out of the pot. Water it sparingly, waiting for the soil to dry up completely before each irrigation. In Summer, once or twice a week is enough. In Autumn, gradually decrease the irrigation frequency in Autumn and stop completely to water in Winter.


The easiest propagation method is undoubtely to use its offsets. Stem cuttings and sowing also work. Seeds germinate in 15-20 days at 21ºC, in a well-drained substrate.


The name “Anacampseros”, from the greek words ákantha (spine) and “cályx”, literally means “spined calyx”. The floral tube has in fact bristles modified in spines.

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