Anacampseros arachnoides


Portulaca arachnoides
Ruelingia arachnoides
Talinum arachnoides


This succulent is native to the Western and Eastern Cape provinces, and it grows in the Little and Great Karoo, in rock crevices, rocky soil, among grasses and protected by scrubby shrubs.


Anacampseros arachnoides is a small succulent with green, reddish or dark brown, sharp thick leaves which end in a point. The rosettes spreads outwards forming a mat; the plant surfaces can be smooth or covered with fuzzy hairs. The wheel-shaped flowers can be white or pink, and they will only open in the afternoon for a few hours, if exposed to the sun. The copious, small, white seeds are distributed by wind.


Anacampseros arachnoides grows a very well-drained soils, which can be loam, sandy, gritty or stony. They need full sun. Water only occasionally; during summer water can be done more oftern, letting the soil get dry before watering again. This succulent need to be protected from frosting temperatures.


Propagate from cuttings or seed; left the seeds on the ground or in a pot with sandy soil mixture, and they will germinate easily.


A. arachnoides’  purple-pink or white flowers are pretty impressive for such a small succulents.

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