Aloinopsis schooneesii


Nananthus schooneesii


This succulents is native to South Africa


Aloinopsis schooneesii is a succulent forming an irregular rosettes of thick, knob-like, dark green leaves up to 1,2 cm long. It has tuberous roots that can form a large caudex. At the end of winter, it blooms in yellowish bronze flowers. Flowers are pretty big compared to the leaves, silky and daisy like; they open in late afternoon or early evening.


Aloinopsis schooneesii grows during the coldest months of the year, and it is resistant to frosting temperatures (-5°C); in winter, it will also flower if provided with direct sunlight. Probably, this succulent is dormant in summer, so it is better not to water it too much during that time of the year; even if it needs from full sun to partial shade, it should be protected from excessive heat and sun exposure. It needs deep pots and an excellent drainage; repotting can be done every 2-3 years. Frost hardy to -12° C and don’t be surprised if it doesn’t grow at that time, but although Aloinopsis are better treated as winter growers they will anyway grow in summer if watered.


Propagation can be done by seeds or by division.


The thick root system of this succulent can be trained to the shape of a odd mini-bonsai.

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