Aloinopsis acuta


Nananthus acutus


This plant is native from South Africa, mostly from the Northern Cape province. Its natural habitat is probably the ecosystem of Karoo.


Aloinopsis acuta form creeping bushes. Its succulent leaves are arranged in rosettes and they have the shape of a spoon which narrows on the top (that’s the reason of the species name “Acuta”). Leaves surface is rough, probably to minimize water loss through stomatas transpiration. They show their oustanding yellow rounded flowers, with a bunch of staminas.


Aloinopsis acuta is not difficult tu cultivate. It needs bright light except during the hottest hours of the day. Water it once a week during the summer and every 2-3 weeks in the other seasons. Its substrate should be well-drained: a cactus mix could suit it needings. Aloinopsis is a genus of dwarf plants, so repotting is seldom necessary. This plant can survive to minimum temperatures of -4ÂșC, but it’s actually better to keep them indoors in winter.


Propagation can be made either by cuttings or by seeds. Seeding should be done in dry substrate. Cuttings can be taken from the many rosettes of the plant, especially where the roots emerge.


The name of the genus Aloinopsis means “aloe-like”, as similarities can be seen with some dwarf species of Aloe.

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