Aloe flow


Aloe cv “Flow”


Aloe flow is an hybrid between Gasteria and Aloe plants, it’s not a wild plant.


Aloe flow is a tiny, pretty plant with triangular-shaped, succulent leaves arranged in a rosette, with a lot of white spot scattered upon the leaf surface. Leaves’ margin are toothed. The tubular flowers develop on an inflorescence which is a raceme on the top of a tall stem.


Gasteraloes grow perfectly in a partially shaded position, sheltered from the strong afternoon sunlight in summer, and exposed to sunlight during the colder hours. In the colder areas, it’s better to keep it indoors to prevent frost damages. It’s important to protect it from water stagnation, which cause root rotting. Also, pay attention to the leaves while watering, because they are also sensitive to water. It grows rather fast, so repotting is necessary every two years.


The easiest and more recommended way of propagation is taking off the offsets, which are produced by the plant especially in spring, and replanting them in a sandy, well-drained soil after they dried up.


Aloe-based products (and in particular Aloe Vera varieties) have been experiencing a period of intense commercial exploitation for some years, which is only partially justified by the actual plant properties. Morover, Aloe species are frequently cultivated as ornamental plants both in gardens and in pots because they are highly decorative and are valued by collectors of succulents.

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