Aloe cosmo


Aloe aristata cosmo


Aloe cosmo is actually a variety of Aloe aristata, so, as Aloe aristata, is native from South Africa.


Aloe cosmo is a stemless, perennial plant, really used in ornamental gardening for it cute, “tidy” arrangement of the leaves. It’s composed of a rosette of triangolar, bright or sometimes dark, green, triangular, pointed leaves. The inflorescence develops on a long stem: it’s a dense raceme, which reminds an ear, of red tubular flowers. The blossoming season is in winter.


Aloe cosmo needs a well-drained substrate, because it’s particularly sensitive to stagnation of water. Also, its leaves are particularly sensitive to rot: so pay attention while watering not to wet the leaves. Aloes prefer warm temperatures: in temperate regions, they are perfect indoor plants, because they don’t bear temperatures below 0ºC. You can keep them outdoors if you live in an area with cool winters. Water it abundantly when you see that the soil becomes completely dry. In winter, water can be completely avoided.


The easiest way to propagate Aloe cosmo is through its many offsets, which are produced generally in Spring. It’s sufficient to take an offset, leaving it to dry for a couple of days, and then replant it in a sandy, well-drained soil.


Aloe-based products (and in particular Aloe Vera varieties) have been experiencing a period of intense commercial exploitation for some years, which is only partially justified by the actual plant properties.

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