Aloe ‘Coral Fire’


No synonyms are recorded for this species name.


Aloe “Coral Fire” is originating from Madagascar.


Aloe “Coral Fire” is an hybrid, resulting from crossing of different species of Aloe for several  years. It’s called “Coral Fire” because of its leaves’ margins, which are adorned with beautiful kinds of coral-pinkish red teeth.  The bright green leaf surface is dusted in pale  yellow-pinkish blurs. The leaves are arranged in a rosette at the top of a tiny trunk. The blossoming season occurs in winter, when the plant develops its inflorescence, a raceme at the top of a stem, which arises above the foliage. Flowers are orange.


Aloe “Coral Fire” requires a sunny position and a well-drained soil. Wait always until the soil is completely dry before each watering. Aloes don’t tolerate cold temperatures, so it’s better to keep them indoors. Pay attention not to wet the leaves while watering, because they are particularly sensitive  to rot.


The easiest way to propagate almost all the species of Aloe, and also Aloe brevifolia, is to take off and replant its numerous offsets.


The inspiration for the name “Coral Fire” were its teeth in the leaves’ margins, which give the appearance that the plant is undulating in an underwater current.

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