Aloe “Christmas Carol”


Aloe cv. Christmas Carol


Aloe “Christmas Carol” is a garden cultivar, originating from the repeated crossing of many Aloes during several years.


Aloe “Christmas Carol” suits perfectly th Christmas period, with its mix of green and red colour all over the foliage. Its rosettes don’t reach the height of 30 centimeters. Leaves’ colour is a mix green and red. The leaves’ surface have many red prickles. Leaves are lanceolate: this means that they have the shape of a lance. Flowers are grouped in a raceme which is born by a long stem, and they are tubular, orange-red coloured. This plant’s blooming season is in Autumn.


It’ not so difficult to cultivate Aloes. Their few weaknesses are leaf or root rotting and cold. To prevent the occurring of these problems, it’s sufficient to pay attention while watering and trying not to wet the leaves, and water only when the soil has turned completely dry, and keep the plant indoors. However, if you live in a frost-free region, you can also plant it outdoors. In winter, watering can be suspended. Aloe Christmas Carol requires a well-drained, sandy soil and bright position, under direct sunlight. Growing rate of Aloe “Christmas Carol” is quite slow, but not too slow. It tends to expand horizontally due to its numerous offsets produced in spring.


The easiest and more recommended way of propagation is taking off the offsets, which are produced by the plant especially in spring, and replanting them in a sandy, well-drained soil after they dried up.


Aloe-based products (and in particular Aloe Vera varieties) have been experiencing a period of intense commercial exploitation for some years, which is only partially justified by the actual plant properties.

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