Aloe branddraaiensis


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Aloe branddraiensis is native from South Africa. In particular, it’s endemic to the Northern Province and Mpumalanga. Its range of distribution is really reduced (to 800 kmq), but, within it, you can find it easily. It grows in the Bushveld, which is an ecoregion of austral Africa, present in the Botzwana, South Africa, and Southern Zimbabwe, with the dominant environment of Savanna. This plant prefers thin soils, close to slopes and escarpments. It can be also found in disturbed areas. It’s not threatened of extinction, although its distribution range is not really wide.


Aloe branddraaiensis is a stemless, 20-30 centimeters high perennial plant. It has really nice leaves, which assume interesting reddish-brownish colours when the plant is under stress. Normally, they are actually greenish, with many H-shaped spots scattered upon the surface of the leaf. The features of the leaves make this plant interesting for ornamental gardening, especially when the leaves become brown-reddish, creating this spotted fantasy of colours which is really attractive. The inflorescence is really branched, and it develops until 70 racemes of reddish-scarlet flowers, striped  on the base, 2-3 centimeters long.


As all the other Aloes, Aloe branddraiensis prefers sandy, well-draining soils and sunny positions. It doesn’t tolerate temperatures below -2ºC. In winter, it needs cool temperatures (between 5 and 10 ºC) to blossom. It is relatively easy to cultivate, as it is slightly adaptable.


The easiest way to propagate Aloe branddraaiensis is from its numerous offsets, produced mainly in spring, which should be dried up for a couple of days before repotting them. It’s also possible to use seeds, planting them in Autumn.


Aloe-based products (and in particular Aloe Vera varieties) have been experiencing a period of intense commercial exploitation for some years, which is only partially justified by the actual plant properties.

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