Agave univittata var. lophantha f. quadricolor


A. kerchovei ‘Pectinata’
A. lophantha ‘Quadricolor’
A. lophantha ‘Goshikibandai’
A. cv Goshiki Bandai


This Agave is a vivarium produced cultivar.


Agave univittata var. lophantha f. quadricolor is a small-sized species, which has got a solitary succulent rosette, not taller than 40 cm, and 60 cm wide. It is named after its characteristic leaves, which are variegated in four, distinct colours.


This Agave species is pretty easy-to-grow. Like other Agaves, it needs a very well-drained soil; it does well in light shade to full sun, but in summer it will need some shade and copious water – always allowing to dry before watering again. A good amount of water and fertilizer will help this plant to grow faster. During winter, only water enough to avoid shrivelling. Agave univittata var. lophantha f. quadricolor can tolerate up to -12° (particularly if dry); anyway, it is better to avoid freezing temperatures. It does great both in containers or in ground (and plants cultivated outdoors are more heat resistant).


You can use basal suckers as propagation material: remove them in spring or summer, let them dry and insert them in compost.


The adjective “quadricolor” refers to the four colourful bands which characterize the leaves of this Agave.

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