Agave tequilana


Agave angustifolia subsp. tequilana
Agave palmeris
Agave pedrosana
Agave pes-mulae
Agave pseudotequilana
Agave subtilis


Agave tequilana is native to Mexico: it grows well in altitudes of more than 1,500 metres, in fertile, sandy soils.


This Agave forms a central rosette of glaucouse, rigid leaves. These are lanceolate and toothed, and can grows up to two metres long. After about five years of life, this Agave will sproud a six metres tall stalk, which will support an inflorescence with many clusters of small, greenish-yellow flowers.


As other Agaves, Agave tequilana needs full sun. It grows well in sandy, fertile soils. Not so frost tolerant, when grown as houseplant it should never be exposed to tempeartures below 10°C.


Propagation can be done by basal suckers: remove them in spring or summer, let the cuttings dry for few days, then put them in compost.


The main pollinators of Agave tequilana is the greater lon-nosed bat.

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