Agave stricta f. nana


Agave striata var echinoides
Agave striata var. stricta


Agave stricta f. nana is native to Mexico (Teuhacan valley of southern Puebla and northen Oaxaca).


Agave stricta f. nana is a small species with spherycal shape. The rosette, which is individual, has got hundreds of stiff, linear leaves. This thin leaves can be gray-green, light blue- green or yellow-green, and can get up to 35 cm lon.m. Agave stricta may bloom reaching maturity, after 10 years of life: the flowers, a 150-200 spike-like racemes, and are green, purple or reddish brown.


Agave stricta f. nana is a really hardy species, so it can be grown from full sun to half-shade. Its tolerance to heat is excellent; also its endurance to subzero cold is very good (up to -4°C) – anyway, it is better to avoid severe freezing. In winter, it needs watering once every 1-2 months.


You can use basal suckers as propagation materialremove them during spring or summerlet the cuttings dry and then, put them in compost. 


Agave Stricta is one of the few species of Agave which are not monocarpic, so it won’t die after flowering.

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