Agave schidigera


Agave filifera ssp. schidigera
Agave filifera var. schidigera
Agave discreptata
Agave perplexans
Agave vestita
Littaea rezlii
Agave taylorii


This Agave is native to Mexico, and grows at high altitude in exposed areas in oak woodlands, or in steep cliff.


This Agave is a small-medium sized succulent. It forms a symmetrical, stemless rosette, up to 60 cm tall. It looks similiar to Agave filifera, bu its straight leaves are wider, and it usually grows solitary. Sometimes, A. schidigera have slightly curved leaves, interrupting the the symmetry. Characteristic of this succulent are thin, curly fibers trat spreads from the leaves’ margin; leaves tip is very sharp, but there are no teeth. Colour goes from dark green to bronzish-green, and present beautiful bud imprints, that become more visible in maturity. become more noticeable with age. From late spring to early summer the plant can bloom. Flower stalk can reach 3,5m in height, and a big number of yellowish green to dark purple flowers blooms on it.


This relatively easy-to-grow species does well in containers. It only requires well-drained soils, and a good amount of water during summer (always letting the soil dry before watering again). When dry, it is resistant to -7°C; to protect it from water froze (that would damage the leaves), during winter only water enought to avoid shrivelling. it. They do well from full sun to lightly shade. When cultivated outdoors, it get heat and drought tolerant. Fertilizer in spring and summer will help it growing faster.


Propagation can be done by basal suckers: remove them in spring or summer, let the cuttings dry for few days, then put it in compost.


Agave schidigera is one of the Agave species used for tequila; traditionally,  fibers and pulp were converted in products like food, ropes and soap.

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