Agave potatorum “Shoji-Raijin”


Agave potatorum var. verschaffeltii ‘Shoji-Raijin’
Agave potatorum var. verschaffeltii compacta
Agave Potatorum forma minima.
Agave Potatorum v. Japan
Agave Potatorum “Nana”
Agave isthmensis ‘Shoji-Raijin’


Garden succulents found only cultivated.


Agave Shoji-Raijin is a dwarf growing species, selected in Japan. Its size can be pretty variable, but usually, mature plants fits in 10 cm pots.  It forms a beautiful, compact, small rosette. Leaves are fleshy, thick, dusty-blue; marginal spines are short and in a small number, situated on lumps, while the characteristical terminal spine is reddish and slightly twisted.


This easy-to-grow species is less cold-hardy than many other Agaves . It does well in full sun or light shade, but in summer it needs some shade. It needs a very well-drained soil.  This plant  will grow faster with a good amount of water (specially in summer, but letting it dry before watering again: be careful not to overdo!). During winter, only water enough to keep the leaves from shrivelling. It does great both in little containers.


Propagation can be done only by basal suckers: if available, cut them during summer or spring, let the cuttings dry for few days, then put them in compost.


This Agave is also called “Silver star” or “Blue rose”, beacuse of its beautiful appearance.

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