Agave mediopicta alba


Agave ingens var. picta,
Agave zonata,
Agave variegata,
Agave subzonata,
Agave picta


Agave mediopicta alba is a desert plant native to Southern America, Mexico.


This smaller growing variery of Agave Americana form an usually solitary rosette, which grows up to 120 cm. The short, lanceolate fleshy leaves are  grey-blue variegated, with a greyish/creamy-white central band. Their base is thick. They characteristicly have an undulate lamina, which presents grey-blue spines on the margins, and a long terminal spine.  Flower stems are variegated too. The inflorescence is up to 5 m tall. The large flowers are yellow-greenish.


Slower to grow than other Agave species. It does well from lightly shaded area to full sun. It needs slightly acid, well-drained sandy soil: it is hardy to drought, and it needs occasional to no watering at all. During winter, protect it from freezing.


During spring or summer, remove basal suckers, let them dry for few days and put them in compost.


Flowers of this monocarpic plant tend to attract hummingbirs, which feed on their nectar.

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