Agave macroacantha


Agave flavescens var. macroacantha
Agave flavescens var. macroacantha
Agave pugioniformis
Agave flavescens
Agave macracantha
Agave besseriana
Agave subfalcata
Agave macrantha
Agave besseriana candida
Agave besseriana longifolia gluca
Agave besseriana longifolia viridis
Agave besseriana hystix
Agave linearis
Agave oligophylla
Agave sudburyensis
Agave paucifolia
Agave integrifolia
Agave macroacantha var. integrifolia
Agave macracantha var. integrifolia
Agave macracantha var. planifolia


This Agave is native to Mexico and grows up  at an altitude of 1500-2000 m  in rocky, arid soils.


Agave macroacantha grows small to medium sized, in a usually stemless, compact rosette. It forms dense clumps from the offshoots, up to 60 cm tall and 150 cm wide. The leaves are straight, grey-blue, usually not longer than 15-30 cm; they present a characteristic, thick, terminal spine 3 cm long, brownish-red to black. Margins of the leaves can be straight or undulate, and have short, dark brown , serrated teeths. Flower stem is tall up to 2 m, and it presents inflorescence of purple-green flowers.


In mild climated areas, this Agave does well outdoor, from full son to light shade; it needs a well drained soil. In containers, Agave macroacantha grows more slowly, and it prefers wide pots: change them every two years to make the Agave grow wider and healthier. Water it generoously when the soild gets dry. During winter watering can be done once every 1-2 months. It is theoretically hardy to -3° C, particularly when dry but; anyway, it is better to avoid freezing temperatures. Its tolerance to heat is excellent.


Propagation can be done by seeds, by bulbils, and by basal suckers.


Because of its characteristical appearance, Agave macroacantha is also called “Black-spined Agave”.

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