Agave desmetiana forma variegata


Agave meridensis variegata
Agave desmetiana marginata
Agave mendensis
Agave desmettiana
Agave ananassois
Agave miradorensis
Agave regeliana


 Naturalized in Florida, but probably Native to Sinaloa and Veracruz (Mexico) 


This Agave is a succulent that forms an urn-shaped rosette up to 60cm tall. The leaves are light green, with yellow variegation along the margins, where you may find minute, not harmful spines (but the apical spine can reach a 1,5 cm lenght). The plant dies after blooming with pale yellow flowers (usually, after 8 years of life). 


To get the best from this Agave, avoid full sun: it prefers shade or partial sun (but, if it is cultivated outdoors, it will be more tolerant to heat and drought). You should also avoid freezing temperature: this plant can survive at least -6°C, but some leaves would get seriously damaged. It needs a very well-drained, soil. During summer, provided with copious water (allowing the soil to get dried before watering again) and using a good amount of fertilizer, this plant will grow really fast. During winter, only water enough to keep the leaves from shrivelling.  



You can use basal suckers as plant propagation material: remove them during spring or summer, and when the cuttings are well dried, after few days, you can insert the “pups” in compost. Bulbils from floral stalk can be used for propagation, too.


There is some variability in the variegation at the margins of the leaves: it depends on the individual plant.

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