Agave chrysantha


Agave palmeri subsp. chrysantha


Agave Chrysantha is endemic to the mountains of central Arizona, until the Rincon mountains. This species is found between 700 and 2300 metres above the sea level: it grows in high desert scrubs, chaparral, juniper woodland, on volcanic, granitic and limestone mountain slopes.


Agave Chrysantha is a perennial leaf succulents; it has a basal, acaulescent and usually individual rosette. It is a monocarpic species, which requires 10-15 years to reacht maturity. Beacuse of its golden, yellow flowers, Agave Chrysantha is also called “golden flowered century plant”; buds grow on a stem tall up to 7 m.  Leaves can be blue, greyish to green or yellowish green, and they can reach a 75 cm length; their shape is linear-lanceolate, and the margins are usually undulate, rarely straight and toothed. Teeth are up to 10 mm long, 1-3 cm apart, with smaller teeth between the larger ones. The leaves presents reddish-brown/brown-grey terminal spines.


This species grows easily in full sun or light shade, in a well drained soil. Its tolerance to heat is excellent.


Propagation can be made easily done by offsets.


The magnificent flowers of Agave Chrysantha will attract not only big bees and butterflies, but also bats and hummingbirds.

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