Agave ‘Shaka Zulu’


Agave “Blue Glow”


Central America


This hybrid succulent forms a solitary rosette, that will slowly grow up to 60 cm and up to 90 cm across. The blue-green leaves have red margins with yellow, soft spines on the edge, and a short red terminal spine. While indoor plants usually don’t flower, outdoor plants typically bloom after a decade of life: on a single, stout stalk up to 3 m tall, panicles pf greenish-yellow flowers will bloom in late summer.


This Agave grows well in slightly-acid, well-drained soils. It needs full sun, but tolerates partial shade in really in hot regions. Put it outdoors in summer, and keep it inside in winter, to protect it from frosting. It need regular watering in the warmest months.


Propagation can be done using bulbils that grow on the flower stalk.


This Agave is an hybrid of Agave attenuata and Agave ocahui.

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