Aeonium arboreum “Rubrolineatum”


Aeonium rubrolineatum


Aeonium arboreum var. rubrolineatum is a nursery cultivar of the species “Aeonium arboreum”.  This species is widespread in Morocco, Portugal, Madeira.


Aeonium arboreum rubrolineatum is a nursery cultivar obtained from the species “Aeonium arboreum”, selected for  the interesting color of the leaves, which are green in winter, but in summer, with the intense light, they turn yellow-orange, and red-brownish stripes appear. That’s the reason for the name “Rubrolineatum”. “Rubro” is part of the latin word to say “red”, and lineatum means “with lines”. This plant is also interesting because it can reach the exceptional height of 1,5 meters. The blossoming season is Summer, when appear orange flowers grouped in clusters. The plant as a shrub-like shape.


Like the other Aeoniums, Aeonium arboreum var. rubrolineatum needs a well-draining soil and can not bear temperatures below 0ºC.  Put it under direct light to enhance the tinges of red. Water it seldom during winter, only when the soil turns completely dry, and more or less twice a month in summer.


Propagation can be realized with seeds and cuttings. Cuttings have to be taken off in spring: it’s recommended to take an apical rosette to transplant.


The genus name comes from the ancient Greek “αιώνιος”/”aionios” (ageless): that’s because of their ability to survive long periods of drought using the stocks of nutrients contained in their succulent leaves.

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