Adromischus subdistichus


No synonims are recorded for this species name.


This species is found in Witteberg quarzite leakes and in the summits flat areas of South-west Africa. It grows up to 1000 meters.


This plant has fibrous roots and little branches stems. The leaves are rounded, almost circular, dark green-grey, thick, with the margin turning purple-red on the upper part. The inflorescence develops on a dark red-purple stem, which is much taller than the plant, and is a thyrse, which is the word used in botany to describe a branching flower cluster. Flowers are really small (1 centimeter more or less). The flowering period, as the one of all the other Adromischus, is in winter.


This plant should be kept in a bright or partially shaded spot, in a well drained soil that can imitate the dry, poor, sandy or rocky soils of the semi arid environments in which it grows. Watering is required twice a month in summer and spring, which are the growth season, and just once a month in winter. Its minimum temperature is 5ºC.


Leaf cutting is the best technique, as for the other plants belonging to the genus Adromischus. It consists in cutting a leaf with a sharp knife, putting it in soil and wait until it puts new roots.


The name ” Adromischus” comes from the ancient Greek adros (=thick) and mischos (=stem).

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